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Four Reasons to choose the LANDA MHC

LANDA’s MHC Series – Self-Contained, Gasoline-Powered, Diesel-Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer

1. Built to last:

This machine has a heavy duty LANDA pump and an energy-efficient 12-volt burner to the single-piece, welded steel frame and legendary LANDA heating coil. The LANDA MHC is long-lasting.

2. Safe to use: 

The LANDA MHC has many safety features. It meets ETL certification to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, and sports an adjustable thermostat, rupture disk, wheel brake, 24‑inch hose guard.

3. Easy to operate:

The LANDA MHC is an operator’s dream! It has a variable pressure wand, downstream detergent injection, quick couple nozzles. It has adjustable thermostat and a digital hour/tachometer that provides service reminders.

4. Extra Stable:

Stability is essential for a portable washer like this.  With its one-piece fully-welded 11/4-inch steel tube frame, 13-inch tubed all-terrain tires and engine vibration mounts, the LANDA MHC is rock solid.

LANDA’S MHC series: the most rugged, gasoline-powered, hot water, on-site cleaning machine on wheels featuring a unique blend of quality, safety, serviceability, and extra stability.


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