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  • L-217


    All-Purpose Cleaner

    Butyl-based, super-duty all-purpose detergent quickly dissolves grease, dirt and grime. It produces a generous foam and rinses easily with water. Safe on most surfaces and applications but not polished aluminum or galvanized metals. dilution: 100:1 typically; 40:1 or 20:1 for toughest tasks

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  • Purple Rain

    Purple Rain

    All-Purpose Cleaner

    A nonaustic, butyl-based, low-foaming detergent engineered to remove grease and grime, yet can be used safely on painted surfaces, including plastic, metals, aluminum, glass, steel and chrome. Use with hot or cold water to clean buildings, vehicles, decks. dilution: 130:1

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  • Top Gun

    Top Gun

    All-Purpose Cleaner with Alcohol

    A high-performance general purpose cleaner formulated to remove all types of dirt, grit, grease and soap scum. It is non-caustic, non-butyl, low-foaming with alcohol for extra effective cleaning of painted surfaces. Ideal for cleaning vehicles and building exteriors. dilution: 120:1

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