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  • Citrus Degreaser

    Citrus Degreaser

    Citrus-Based Degreaser

    A solvent-boosted formula for effectively stripping away oil, grease and grime. It is especially popular because it is made from a renewable resource along with being non-toxic and biodegradable. dilution: 50:1

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  • Prism


    Rinsing Agent

    A blend of biodegradable wetting agents formulated to break up surface tension of water, reducing water spotting. Excellent for car washes or rinsing after pressure washing with Landa detergents. Made for rinsing in hard or soft water. Extremely dilutable. dilution: 5000:1

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  • TechnoWax


    Vehicle Wax

    Highly concentrated, biodegradable, long-lasting wax designed specifically to enhance and protect the appearance of any painted surface. Readily biodegradable and user friendly. Works well in hard or soft water. Dilution rate is only .6 ounces per automobile. dilution: 2000:1

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