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Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers


Cuda® aqueous parts washers are industrial-sized, aqueous-based washers that use high-pressured, hot-water jets and safe detergents to clean parts. A parts washer is much like a large dish washer. It uses water and detergent combined with heat and mechanical energy to provide the cleaning action. Parts washers eliminate the need for manual scrubbing or even pre-soaking in tanks prior to cleaning. Removing filth such as dirt, grime, carbon, oil, grease, metal chips, cutting fluids, mold release agents, ink, paint, and corrosion from workpieces is an easy task with this equipment.

Cuda aqueous parts washers provide the following benefits:

  • Thorough cleaning of parts in just 15 to 20 minutes
  • Ability of staff to perform other tasks while parts are being washed
  • Higher-powered washing system that is far more efficient than washing by hand
  • Ability to eliminate harmful cleaning solvents

In addition, Cuda parts washers:

Save time and money! Rather than spending hours of time washing by hand, simply place parts inside the parts washer, turn on the machine and walk away. The parts washer does all the work. This leaves you and your employees free to work on other revenue producing jobs.

Clean better! Automatic parts washers use high pressure jets to scrub parts with an aqueous detergent solution. No need for scrubbing. Let the washer do the work!

Environmentally safer and friendlier! Harmful solvents may be a danger to your employees’ health. The aqueous based cleaning solutions used with our parts washers will minimize the risks to your employees and save you money on costly worker compensation claims.

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