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We offer pressure washer repair services for:

  1. Cold water pressure washers
  2. Hot water pressure washers
  3. Mobile wash systems
  4. Pressure washer accessories

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landaHave you ever gone through the pain and nuisance of trying to work with unprofessional technicians and service repair shops? At PSi, we believe that you deserve better. When you’re in need of service repairs, you should only deal with the most professional, certified technicians. Our promise to you is that we will only provide you with excellent service and thorough, quality repairs to decrease downtime.


Preventive Pressure Washer Maintenance

Like all machines, your pressure washer requires some maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Taking the time to care for your pressure washer will prolong its lifetime and protect your valuable investment. PSi Products can help you maintain your steam cleaner or pressure washing equipment with repair services, maintenance services, and pressure washer parts and accessories, available from our pressure washing service in Westminster.

Cleaning Your Pressure Washer

Keeping your pressure washer clean will prevent the buildup of detergent residue, debris, or oil and gasoline byproducts. A clean pressure washer will not only perform better, it will last longer because clean parts are under less stress than dirty, damaged, or clogged ones.

  1. After each use, rinse any remaining detergent from the unit by removing the detergent input and running clean water through the pressure washer for one to two minutes.
  2. The inlet screens and filters in your pressure washer are designed to catch debris before it can enter the machine. Rinse these filters and screens after every use to ensure they are clear.
  3. Relieve any remaining pressure and water from the machine by removing the power and water supplies and activating the spray wand until the flow stops.
  4. Drain any remaining water from your inlet hose and any spray hoses to prevent mold or mildew growth. Remove and drain any water reservoirs as well.
  5. Clean off the exterior of the pressure washer with a soft cloth to keep it free of dust and debris.

Inspecting Your Pressure Washer

One of the best ways to keep tabs on the condition of your pressure washing equipment is to inspect it before every use. If you notice any damage, have your pressure washer repaired and any affected parts replaced before you use it. PSi is dedicated to providing you with the best pressure washer products and services in Orange County and beyond. Please call (800) 757-5222 to find out more about our pressure washer repair and maintenance options.

  1. If your pressure washer uses gasoline or diesel, check the unit’s fuel and oil levels before operation. Also check the spark plug and air filter components of the engine system.
  2. Check the water inlet screen and wand inline screen for debris or damage.
  3. Take a look at any and all wand extensions or spray tips. Clear away debris or replace them if they are damaged.
  4. Inspect all hoses, cords, and attachment points on your pressure washer. Never try to repair these items on your own if you see damage; take your pressure washer to a professional for service.


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